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Welcome to Yafai.com Group, the digital realm crafted by a visionary entrepreneur in Birmingham, UK, in 1999. With a singular vision and an indomitable spirit, this one-person force has given life to a diverse portfolio of online domains, each a unique gateway to specialized experiences.

From the heart of London with Euston.com and CoventGarden.com to the picturesque landscapes of TheLakeDistrict.com, this digital trailblazer has meticulously curated an array of premium domain names, including the enchanting iLoveLondon.com, the vibrant Wandsworth.com, and the quintessential Brentwood.co.uk. In the world of online resources, Yafai.com Group stands tall, boasting an expansive collection that spans from geographical landmarks to lifestyle, technology, and beyond.

Embark on a digital journey for health and wellness enthusiasts through Fitnessplan.co.uk, Fatburners.co.uk, Cheapbroadband.co.uk. For tech-savvy individuals, explore MobilePhoneReviews.co.uk and PrizeDraws.com. Indulge your sweet tooth at CupCakes.co.uk or dive into the world of online entertainment at FreeOnlineGames.co.uk. Whatever your digital desire, this entrepreneur has meticulously curated your niche.

With a rich tapestry of online assets, Yafai.com Group is now open to forging strategic partnerships, engaging with potential investors, and exploring media collaborations. This visionary individual is keen on expanding the horizons of these digital domains, unlocking their full potential with the right synergies.

For partnership inquiries, investor relations, or media collaborations, we invite you to join hands with this trailblazer, propelling these digital ventures to new heights. Together, let's navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the online world and create opportunities that resonate with the global audience.

Welcome to Yafai.com Group – where innovation meets opportunity, and every domain name tells a unique story waiting to be explored.

WorldTravel.co.uk domain name is back on the market; email me yafai @ hushmail.com. Serious, bona fide inquiries only.


















The Yafai.com Group owns the listed websites and 100s of domain names. For partnership, investor relations, and media inquiries, don't hesitate to contact me.

Contact me about any of my domains: yafai @ hushmail.com

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